Banana paper

MI : 00603-02

Repurposed leaf sheafs from banana trees. Leaf sheafs, also called banana fibers, are obtained after the fruit is harvested. These fibers fall into the bast fiber group. They are collected and cut into thin sheets and sun-dried to inhibit the growth of mold. Sheafs are then steamed, which causes the fibers to soften, also creating a tacky surface. No adhesives are used to bond the sheaf to the nonwoven backing. Food grade waxes (either matte or glossy) are added to the surface to strengthen the sheet, adding durability and water resistant properties. Finished sheets are soft, pliable, and can be sewn and cut as a fabric. This material can be customized by altering the backing with paper or leather. It is sold on a roll, 27 x 66 in. The shelf life for this material is 2 years uncoated, and is extended to 4 years with a coating. Applications include apparel, accessories, packaging and wall coverings.

Colorfastness Colorfastness : Yes
Water Resistance Water Resistance : Yes
Hardness Hardness : N/A
Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity : N/A
Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance : Yes
Transparency Transparency : N/A
Electrical Conductivity Electrical Conductivity : N/A
UV Resistance UV Resistance : Yes
Glossiness Glossiness : Yes
Acoustic Resistance Acoustic Resistance : Yes
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance : N/A
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly : Yes
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance : Yes