Fur Stories

MI : 00307-01
MC : MC 5464-01
Handmade floor and wall covering that uses rope-like tendrils to create a thick pile. This 20% sisal, 80% cotton woven rug is glued to a mesh backing to ensure solidity. Size is up to 4 x 5 m and can be made waterproof utilizing as a specific coating. There is no minimum order, but customization of the color or pile length requires a minimum order of 50 sqm . Applications are for interior wall and floor coverings. Ref: MC# 5464-01
Colorfastness Colorfastness : Yes
Water Resistance Water Resistance : No
Hardness Hardness : No
Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity : N/A
Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance : Yes
Transparency Transparency : No
Electrical Conductivity Electrical Conductivity : No
UV Resistance UV Resistance : Yes
Glossiness Glossiness : No
Acoustic Resistance Acoustic Resistance : Yes
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance : Yes
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly : Yes
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance : N/A