MI : 00610-02

A lightweight, expanded clay aggregate for building and construction applications. It is composed of 95% plastic clay and 5% additives. During the manufacturing process, raw materials are mixed together and pressed into a pellet. The pellet is then fired at a high temperature followed by screening. The resultant clay expands to five times its original volume, making it a lightweight and sustainable alternative to other natural aggregates such as stone, sand or gravel. It has the strength of ceramic due to the high firing temperature 1250 °C without additional weight. It features high fire resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation, and strength compared to other lightweight aggregates. It is available in two different aggregate shapes: round and crushed, and in three different thicknesses: 0.08-0.16 in, 0.16-0.31 inand 0.31-0.79 in. The clay aggregate is sold in 09.34 kg  and 505.74 kg bags. Applications include as an aggregate in ready mixed lightweight concrete for renovation work, for reinforcement in prefabricated concrete products such as wall panels, in concrete blocks, and in roof garden planting medium.

Colorfastness Colorfastness : Yes
Water Resistance Water Resistance : Yes
Hardness Hardness : Yes
Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity : Yes
Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance : Yes
Transparency Transparency : No
Electrical Conductivity Electrical Conductivity : N/A
UV Resistance UV Resistance : Yes
Glossiness Glossiness : N/A
Acoustic Resistance Acoustic Resistance : Yes
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance : Yes
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly : Yes
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance : Yes